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“an entire universe of throbbing, sprinting natural life… There was a sense not of pathways or travel, just of irresistible natural forces at work… magical.” Jennifer Dunning New York Times

Jordan Fuchs Company is a project-based dance company, directed by Jordan Fuchs. Grounded in improvisational practice, specifically the bias towards disorientation, sensation and process of contact improvisation, the Jordan Fuchs Company finds the instability of each performance moment, the possibility of transformation through sensation and the inherent state of moving always in relationship to another and to our environment. Committed to the craft of choreography and to the unmediated, expressive capacity of the human body in motion, the Jordan Fuchs Company delights in the dancemaking process, the obsessive tinkering-in-the-garage process of working with collaborators in the dance studio, crafting experiences, complex and multifaceted. More recently the Jordan Fuchs Company has also been creating work for alternative venues, such as video screens, museums and the great outdoors, making work accessible to wider audiences through stretching notions of what dance is and where it can happen.