Photo by Lisa Vining

“in the hot humid night; raw dance, serious surface, hard-nosed… at one point a trio of coming and going and lifting uses the same short phrase six or eight times, drilling it into us beyond recognition, as if asking the sequence to take on by its insistence something other than the delight suggested by the degree of variety displayed elsewhere in the piece.” Douglas Dunn DansNotes

Begun in 2017 Group Actions are a series of dances choreographed by Jordan Fuchs that are designed for alternative venues, such as museum and gallery spaces, large staircases and the great outdoors. Bringing together groups of individuals into a common task, they stretch notions of what dance is and where it can happen. To date they have been performed in Texas at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Sundance Square Plaza also in Fort Worth, and at the Texas Woman’s University ArtsWalk in Denton. Additionally they have been performed internationally at the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space in the Czech Republic.

Group Action: Quartet Rolling (2019)

Daily Group Actions: Journeys of Presence and Absence through the Prague Exhibition Grounds (2019)

Group Action: Ode to Uncertain Times (2017)