Photo by Melissa Sanderson

Repentance for the Easily Amused (2015)

With each gesture, motion, and action the dancers dig themselves deeper into a hole, giving away everything they know, until they find themselves on just this side of nothing left. Trapped within a choreographic structure in which each choice is a choice to never be returned to, the dance is a process of burning away artifice, training and style, until all that is left is intention and struggle at the overtly simple yet nearly impossible task of not repeating oneself in movement. With a live sound score composed and performed by Andy Russ, modified for every performance to prevent the dancers from having any recognizable temporal frameworks, the 60-minute trio, Repentance for the Easily Amused is a temporal black hole for dancers stuck in an interminable present moment without confines. Directed by Jordan Fuchs with sound design by composer Andy Russ, created and performed in collaboration with Elyse Cox and Juan Pablo Montes.