Photo by Lisa Vining

Group Action: Ode to Uncertain Times (2017)

At the meeting point of task, performance and ritual, Group Action: Ode to Uncertain Times, choreographed by Jordan Fuchs, is a dance to the present moment. In this dance for a large ensemble, dancers wearing identical red coveralls slowly progress along the floor repeatedly lying face down on the ground with their hands clasped beneath their hearts. Whether in prayer or in pleading, we can’t know. With an original sound composition by Brittany Padilla and dramaturgy by D. Chase Angier, the dance features the performers: Robert Alvarez, Tara Baker, Austin Ray Beck, Niki Davis, Whitney Boomer Geldon, Jonathan Hansen, Amanda Jackson, Kacie Kim Le, Megan Medina, Rebecca Noel, Martheya Nygaard, and Stephanie Ramirez.